W205 C63s Coupe

W205 C63s Coupe on the move

1st May 2019

We’ve come very used to the concept of working on triple black C63 AMG’s, sparing no opportunities with this W205 C63s Coupe. Built by the good men over at ModMyBenz in Seattle, Washington; no detail’s were spared, from carbon fiber to big turbo upgrades. Modifications from Akrapovic, KW Suspension and Vossen help take this build to the next level.

Up front the owner has chosen to adorn his Obsidian Black C63 Coupe with our Edition 1 Front Splitter. Around back our Luftstrom Rear Diffuser is complimented by our Signature Bootlid Spoiler. Everything comes together very nicely, tying together the menacing axe-murderer with headlights scheme.

W205 C63s Coupe W205 C63s Coupe W205 C63s Coupe