W205 C63s Coupe Carbon Fiber Collection

W205 C63s Coupe Carbon Fiber Collection

7th January 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of our W205 C63s Coupe Carbon Fiber Collection in collaboration with our friend and customer, Cary.

It begins with our Edition 1 Front Splitter up front which is derived directly from the offerings at Mercedes-Benz. We of course added our own spin to it in order ensure that our product is unlike anything else already on the road. Our Edition 1 Front Splitter follows the sharp cut in the center of the C63s Coupe nose, complimenting it’s presence without affecting daily driving capabilities.

Next we move along the side of the vehicle which has been coupled with our all-new Edition 1 Side Skirts. Again a spinoff off of a factory offering from Mercedes-Benz, nothing crazy to see here only chasing the sought after OEM+ look with a touch of protrusion. The glossy carbon fiber adds the missing link between the aggressive front end and bubbly back end.

Onto the most aggressive part of the quad of carbon fiber affixed to this Obsidian Black C63s Coupe. Our world renowned Luftstrom Rear Diffuser, with it’s lineage dating back to it’s predecessor for the W204 C63. Synonymous for our aggressively styled carbon fiber diffuser that does not go over the top but adds those missing implants that you’d rather skip the gym for. Our unique design for the C63s is sure to be imitated by the mass’, as they say imitation is the best form of flattery.

Lastly our Signature Coupe Bootlid Spoiler, once again drawing inspiration from our popular offering’s for the W204 platform. Adding the extra umph that couples seamlessly with our Luftstrom Rear Diffuser. Coming together to make for that classic dragster read end look. With or without the diffuser works without a problem. That is the goal we are always setting after, the ability to play our products between OEM+ and go faster.

Edition 1 Front Splitter Edition 1 Side-Skirts Bootlid Spoiler Bootlid Spoiler