Supercharged W205 C63s Coupe

Supercharged W205 C63s Coupe

19th December 2018

As you’ve come to expect from Mode Carbon, only the best of the best, our legend carries on with this Aussie Supercharged W205 C63s Coupe. Fitted with the entirety of our Carbon Fiber Collection for this platform, we have gone above and beyond once again to separate ourselves from all the imitators. Nothing turns us on more than a properly done, right hand drive C63s Coupe.

Starting things off at the nose, our Edition 1 Front Splitter coupled with our Euro-Spec Front Trim Replacement, surely oozes an added level aggression to the stealth, fighter jet finish. Doubling around the side, our Edition 1 Side Skirts tie the accents from the nose to the rear end. Out back, is where the action is at, our Luftstrom Rear Diffuser coupled with our Signature Bootlid Spoiler. Time in and time again, we win, our combination has secured it’s place at the top of the mountain.

It wouldn’t be righteous not to talk about what else the owner has in store. HRE P104 in conjunction with KW Suspension, lowering the center of gravity, while utilizing the very best of the best. Finally, this vehicle is supercharged from Weistec and we have the numbers to prove it. Thank you for watching.

Supercharged W205 C63s Coupe Supercharged W205 C63s Coupe Supercharged W205 C63s Coupe