Stealth Bianco Monocerus Huracan LP610

Stealth Bianco Monocerus Huracan LP610

13th December 2017

Manu gave us the pleasure of collaborating with him and his Stealth Bianco Monocerus Huracan LP610 – 4 that is sure to turn every head in the room. Being a long time friend of the guys at mode carbon when the first carbon fiber products came off the production line we knew exactly who we were going to offer first dibs to. Roaming the streets of Orange County this stealth Lamborghini Huracan 610 – 4 is stranger to none. With it’s unique modifications from ground up and custom plate marked “MAJR KEY” surely this Bull is one of a kind. Special thanks goes to Ted7 for capturing this wild animal in its natural habitat.

As always with any Mode Carbon project car you can expect our template to have been completely overhauled from factory. This specific example has been fitted with the finest offering from HRE Wheels, the P101 in gloss bronze finish. He then lowered his Lamborghini Huracan with a coilover system which automatically adds that missing depth from the standard ride height.

Onto the Carbon Fiber upgrades by yours truly, with the introduction of our Engine Bay Vents and Flusso Rear Diffuser. Tying into the theme that Manu sought after to achieve with the less is more approach. Our carbon fiber additions replace the mundane gloss black/plastic trim that is offered from factory with glossy 2×2 Pre-Preg composite perfection. Addressing the rear end of the Huracan LP-610 is no joke, with its aggressive styling from factory we made sure to compliment the rear end with equally as consistent modifications. Nothing over the top, as always subtle and clean hits the spot.

Stealth Bianco Monocerus Huracan LP610 Stealth Bianco Monocerus Huracan LP610 Flusso Rear Diffuser