F90 M5 - HRE Wheels

We’re Sorry: mid-recess delivery issues – Customer special request.

10th December 2020

Hey guys, just checking. – Sam

Had two, not one, not three but TWO major incidents recently that not only majorly impeded my health/physical standpoint but our business tremendously as well.

The first one, I hit my head so bad, that my spirit blew to the heavens above and I wasn’t admitted into the hospital, rather into C-protocol immediately thereafter.

Due to the tremendous constraints of Covid-19 on our warehouse and our capability to explore the possibilities of perfect delivery we were mandated to limit hours since May.

Since then and the accident that followed (July) it took months to recover and the road to recovery seemed almost physically impossible.

After things started to settle into place, late in October I became homeless due to health reasons that you may or may not want to think of..

Things started working out once again and then I got into a head on collision while being homeless in the shop car and luckily my seat-belt saved my life.

Either way, I was in the hospital for 30 days: 11/12 – 12/1 and after receiving loads of attention I was not capable of getting released during that time period.

We had no phones, email or personal contact allowed – and our business was basically shut-down entirely during that time period.

We can go on and on forever but one of our customers gave us this brilliant idea and we’ve shared some through social media and immediate phone discussions.

I am happy to say that our shipping department has now been re-opened and we are servicing all orders as they come in.

With that note, here are some images to keep you patient while our customers await.

Thank you so much for everything

Kleaper F80 M3 DTAF M2c Edition 1 E63s Sedan Twilight Purple F90 M5 Our old F90 M5 rolling on HRE's