13th October 2022

Now that summer is over it’s time to chase new things. We just released our CS Style Trunk Spoiler and Rear Diffuser the F90 chassis please await the release. We’re also working on improving our website at this time, please standby for all updates. Right now we’re not on the forums but we’d be more than happy to provide a discount coupon through here instead. We’ll be running a sale through our blog for a limited time, please utilize coupon code “twentyfive” through website checkout to take advantage of a 25% discount. Our Instagram was unfortunately hacked and we’re working on getting it back, until then feel free to follow my personal account, sam@modecarbon.

For now I would be more than happy to share some pictures of our work from the years prior.

Hockenheim Silver F87 M2c equipped with our GTS Front Splitter.

Alpine White F90 M5 equipped with our Trophy Trunk Spoiler.

Edition 1 E63s equipped with our Trunk Spoiler.