Obsidian Black C63s Coupe

Obsidian Black C63s Coupe

8th November 2018

The name of our game comes forth from within, with our Obsidian Black C63s Coupe, a testament to the mighty W205 Coupe’s we have roaming the wild. As you’ve come to expect, all black from front to back is what we’ve become famous for. The owner has taken a step above to make sure the crowd knows his ability to differentiate himself from the rest of the wolf pack.

Setting things off in the carbon fiber department, with our array of cosmetic additions, adding a splash of detail to the otherwise mundane effects from factory. Up front, our Edition 1 Front Splitter compliments the sharp nosed demeanor of the front fascia. Around back, our Bootlid Spoiler and Luftstrom Rear Diffuser, (not pictured) tie the bubbly rear end with sharp characteristics.

Lastly, the wheel and suspension assortment, Vossen did it right with their VPS305, finished in all black of course. Coupled with KW Suspension, lowering the center of gravity to achieve maximum lateral performance. All-in-all, a Darth Vader like theme, sure to intimidate all of those proceeding. Watch out, she doesn’t back out.

Obsidian Black C63s Coupe Obsidian Black C63s Coupe Obsidian Black C63s Coupe