BSM F90 M5

Mode Carbon BSM F90 M5

1st October 2018

With the wake of the 2019 BMW F90 M5, the guys at Mode Carbon have taken it upon themselves to dress up their very own BSM F90 M5. Carbon Fiber fabrication, being the forefront of their demeanor. Please don’t let that distract you from the modifications on the car in question either.

To start things off, Mode Carbon has implemented their F90 M5 Spoiler, a generational design, building persona from the options presented for the mighty F10 M5. Things are off to a great start and we are constantly testing the process to perfect our practice. The details are there, once things start coming together, the spoiler will play a larger roll in facilitating the rest of the project off.

In the midst of our F90 M5 Spoiler processes, we are molding our F90 M5 Rear Diffuser, with expectations of a prototype unit rolling off the production line around the first week of November. Our design will compliment the aggressively styled spoiler design to tie the rear end together in perfect harmony.

With the aforementioned process, we have allocated a large amount of our resources towards research & development. With competition on the rise, quality has become the forefront of our business model. With the vehicle on hand, it further assists us to fulfill all of our r&d needs and ensure functionally formed products.

Finally, we come to the less talk more action part, now lowered on our KW Suspension HAS kit, installed by the very best, Bergen Imports. The HAS kit has done an excellent job lowering the center of gravity on our BMW super sedan. The system improves driver confidence with additional feedback from the chassis that you didn’t have prior.

We want to take this moment to thank everyone involved for their tremendous support over the course of the past several months. It never goes unnoticed and we vow to standby everyone in notice, to ensure that we are operating at our peak performance.

BSM F90 M5 BSM F90 M5 BSM F90 M5