Grigio Telesto E92 M3

Grigio Telesto E92 M3

3rd February 2018

The devil is in the details, not a single bullet point was skipped with this Grigio Telesto E92 M3. Built by the talented guys over at IMG Motorsport and Prime Motorsport. From the Lamborghini custom painted exterior, to the customer stitched and painted Recaro Sportster CS. This E92 M3 is truly in an extraordinary league of it’s own.

Let’s get straight to it. The power is put to the ground from a custom sorted ESS Tuning VT3 paired with a Syvecs stand alone which is expected to put somewhere around 1000HP to the crank. The owner Zim does not stop there, he complimented his blower upgrade with 4.0 pistons, rods, valve springs, heads extrude honed and ported hot side. You may or may not be familiar with what any of that means, it doesn’t really matter, all that matters is it will leave any single BMW in it’s tracks. Forcing that power out of the esoteric motor is completed through American Racing Headers into an Akrapovic Evolution Titanium exhaust.

Onto the modifications that channel all of that 1000hp into the ground. Once again, with great power comes great responsibility and therefor the owner opted for the best Brembo has to offer. Öhlins Road and Track coupled HRE P104’s make a statement when she decides to put the power down into the pavement. Open the door and you’ll find more eye catching touches starting off with his Grigio Telesto painted Recaro Sportster CS with M-striping. Excellence.

If I haven’t already lost you, we’re lucky to note that the owner decided to install our GT4 Motorsport Splitter and Performance Spoiler onto his behemoth of an E92 M3. Of course singing praise to it’s original OE Motorsport Culture without doing anything over the top. We’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Grigio Telesto E92 M3 Grigio Telesto E92 M3 Grigio Telesto E92 M3 Grigio Telesto E92 M3 Grigio Telesto E92 M3 Grigio Telesto E92 M3 Grigio Telesto E92 M3