Trophy Rear Diffuser

F90 M5 Carbon Fiber Collection

18th November 2018

As we progress with our F90 M5 Carbon Fiber Collection, we’ve come to introduce our Trophy Trunk Spoiler and Trophy Rear Diffuser. Furthering our capabilities with the pre-preg composite process, you may expect a perfectly straight weave with ultra-high consistency. Drawing inspiration from the Motorsport culture, that has become synonymous with the BMW brand.

Adding the necessary aggression to the rear end that is otherwise very bland with BMW’s factory vision. Our Trophy Trunk Spoiler has boxed out the rear end while fitting in with the character of the car. In between the Remus Exhaust tips, our Trophy Rear Diffuser draws styling queues from our long sought after Carbon Fiber design bin.

We still have a long way to go with the F90 M5 platform, we expect to have a Front Lip and additional items ready to go in the coming months. Thank you for your support and we appreciate you all following  our vision.

Trophy Rear Diffuser Trophy Rear Diffuser F90 M5 Carbon Fiber Collection