Edition 1 C63s Sedan

Edition 1 C63s Sedan

23rd January 2018

This Edition 1 C63s Sedan is the perfect example of what dashes of carbon fiber combined with Affalterbach’s highest W205 C63s Sedan configuration is capable of bringing to the table. We took the minimalist approach here, the factory components were kept in place while the mundane gloss black trim was replaced with our high-gloss carbon fiber additions. Leaving in place a C63s Sedan that is unlike any other W205 on the road.

We start at the front fascia of the vehicle, where the stock bumper screams for the need of an aggressive splitter to assist cutting through the air. Our Edition 1 Front Splitter gets the task done, offering an ample yet subtle addition to the nose, guiding all of the 4.0L turbocharged V8 power-plant. As always with a Mode Carbon product, you can expect a product that is aggressive yet reserved enough that the driveability of the vehicle is not affected.

Next, we move around to the rear end of the narrowly styled W205 C63s Sedan. Crying desperately for flair to make the naked eye differentiate between this vehicle and its younger C300 brother. Our Luftstrom Rear Diffuser takes place of the stock plastic rear diffuser and replaces it with a gleaming, protrusive and aggressively styled rear diffuser. Complimenting the throaty exhaust note that has become synonymous with the AMG brand. Once you go mode carbon, you don’t go back.

Lastly our Signature Style Sedan Bootlid Spoiler, a design that we have carried over and evolved from our debut in 2012. Surely a product that has been intimated by the mass’, let us not look past the leaders who took the time to design and pave the path. Combining our Sedan Bootlid Spoiler with our Luftstrom Rear Diffuser address’ all of the shortcoming’s of the skinny C63s Sedan rear end without ever going over the top. We’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talk.

Edition 1 C63s Sedan Edition 1 C63s Sedan Edition 1 C63s SedanEdition 1 C63s Sedan