BSM F90 M5: Development Car

BSM F90 M5: Development Car

8th May 2018

We went out on a limb and picked up ourselves the brand new 2018 BMW F90 M5, dubbing it the, BSM F90 M5: Development Car. Trust me when we say, we really went out on a limb for this one. Although not our first choice when stacking up to the current array of performance vehicle’s in our focus sector, we picked this one out, especially for you. The sole purpose of this vehicle is to lead the design and development for carbon fiber creation in the most irrational way possible. Unfortunately, the only way to do things the proper way are to undertake every aspect of r&d, including having indisposable access to the vehicle through-out the entire research and development process.

On with the jibber jabber, we’ve already begun the process in a fashionable way. No intentions of showing up fashionably late with the latest offering from the M-division’s array of princess’. We’ve now successfully debuted our High Kick Trunk Spoiler as a warm welcoming to the F90 marketplace. Drawing our inspiration from factory aftermarket styling queues, this item is now available for public purchase. Please feel free to send us an email for any questions or inquiries that you may have.

After nearly 2 months of ownership, we still haven’t gotten very well acquainted with the monstrosity of a super sedan, the all-new BMW F90 M5. Rather, letting her take rest/ownership of her storage space in the cool NY climate. Occasionally taking her out to breathe, if you ask me, too much attention for the daily driving.

Fast forward, we’re lucky to have brought on our first three partners for this project; Detailer’s Domain, Suntek Films and iND. All of the necessary new-car bits and bops have been addressed with the big 3. Phil from Detailer’s Domain has kindly and meticulously installed our Ultra Paint Protection Film from Suntek Films. While iND has covered all of the standard chrome accents and unnecessary reflectors with their gloss black and paint matched components.

The stage has been set, a long road ahead of us, we look forward to the challenges that we’ll face. Cheers.

BSM F90 M5: Development Car BSM F90 M5: Development Car BSM F90 M5: Development Car BSM F90 M5: Development Car BSM F90 M5: Development Car