Alpine White F87 M2

Alpine White F87 M2

29th December 2017

Mikayla and her perfectly balanced Alpine White F87 M2 are an inseparable couple destine for a little bit of trouble. Not one single measure has been spared in this exquisite example of what an F87 M2 is capable of bringing to the table. It has been put together with the goal of unearthing every single degree of lateral performance possible.

In conjunction with the best the industry has to offer, here is a quick run through from top to bottom. Mag Blue Advan GTs, Brembo BBK, KW HAS kit, Akrapovic Titanium Evolution Exhaust System and Recaro Sportster CS and I’m sorry if I’m missing anything in between.

To top it all off, Mikayla and Leslie have opted to run with our Pre-Preg GTS Front Splitter. The opportunity that we are greatly thankful for as we know we are in it for many more with this duo. Singing praise to the Motorsport man up above with small touches of carbon fiber that tie everything together from the wheels to the bum.

Alpine White F87 M2 Alpine White F87 M2 Alpine White F87 M2 Alpine White F87 M2