At Mode Carbon, our commitment to quality is high-grade carbon fibre that reduces weight, increases performance and improves aerodynamics. Whether your car is for the street or dedicated to track use, our products offer an ample blend of quality, refinement and style.


Pure Carbon Fibre

ALL raw materials used in our manufacturing are hand-picked from Germany, France and Japan to ensure that our carbon fibre products exceed even the most strict industry standard of quality.

The carbon fibre is finished with UV protected clear coat to prevent discoloration from sun exposure. The glossy finish not only provides stunning aesthetics, but also serves to maximize the Longevity of our products by increasing their durability to the elements.

Our Technology

At Mode Carbon, our manufacturing process takes full advantage of a dry-Layup vacuum infusion process. This allows for Less resin to be used in between the carbon fibres, creating a dramatic weight advantage. The vacuum infusion technology of our process also ensures a perfectly even distribution of the resin. The result is a pin-straight weave pattern, which generates a more consistent Level of structural integrity to maximize the overall rigidity of our carbon fibre products.

Why Us?

  • Vacuum Infusion Technology
  • Superior Stiffness
  • Weight Reduction
  • Improved Aerodynamics
  • UV-Protection
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Pin-Straight Weave